• Heavy Duty Hood with Triple Straps


    Anyone that knows me, understands my major fetish for hoods.  This one is certainly on my list of “must haves”.

    A chin strap to keep jaw firmly closed, with 5 “D” rings, two on each side and one Additional pressure from three leather straps around the outside of the padded hood creates a more confining feeling. Straps are positioned around the padded eyes, over the mouth and from the point of the chin around the back of the head. Extra keepers prevent straps from moving out of position. Five “D” rings fixed to the chin strap can be used to totally immobilize the head.

    This hood has a 1/4″ grommet hole over the mouth and mouth strap that allow for breathing. Both of these holes can be changed to a 1/2″ grommet if you want a slightly bigger opening, just indicate in the comments field when ordering.

    Please allow several weeks for this hood to be made by our in house Production team.


  • Sweaty Pits

    The harness I am wearing in this pic, well lets just say, if that harness could talk!  Have since upgraded to full buck harness and thicker leather straps. I remember taking this pic a few years back for a boy that loved seeing me in my harness and my sweaty pits.

    I can tell it was taken way back when as there is no beard.  I don’t remember the last time I was clean shaven


  • The Drew Duality – A Connection

    Late last year I was sent a link to a blog called “The Drew Duality”.  At first I thought this was just another blog, much the same as any other blog, but I found it interesting and continued reading.

    With me based in Australia it is not often I will meet or chat with link minded kinky fuckers from overseas, but on one of Drew’s recent visits to Australia we managed to connect through Recon.  Sadly, we never met, but had some great chats which continue today – even with the occasional video message thrown in.

    Drew is a switch, who has a huge fascination with chastity (who doesn’t) and explores both the Dom and sub side of chastity.  I would say that his sub side will take over his Dom side with the right set of rules imposed on him and you can get a sense of that by reading his blog.  That doesn’t mean his Dom side will be suppressed – far from it!  I have no doubt that when that surfaces, the boy on the receiving end of his Dom side will get a good working over.

    What I have found most interesting about his blog are the many folks that make an appearance through his commentary.  Now, all names have been changed to protect the innocent (I did chuckle writing that as I don’t think any are innocent – including Me!), and Drew is quite creative in coming up with the right name for each.  Axel, Drew’s husband, is featured regularly and like any relationship, they have their ups & downs, challenges, bad and good times.  Who can’t relate to that?

    There is a great deal of honesty through the blog and I have been able to relate to some of the stories and updates posted.  I think this is where Drew and I have really connected.  Same mindset in many ways, similar relationships, and a desire to push the boundaries to further explore our kinky sides.

    Best thing to do, is go read Drew’s blog for yourself.   I might add it was ranked Number 18 of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers recently.  Is it a sex blog?  Yeah I think so, just not in the traditional Porn site blog.  Follow the following link, or click on Drew’s pic to go to his blog.

    Enjoy the read!